The Association of Southeast Asia Nations or ASEAN is a diverse region of almost 700 million people. Strong economic growths, favourable environment and a young and increasingly well-educated population is propelling the development of a vibrant arts and cultural sector, enriching the lives of communities across the region.

Motion pictures are an important contemporary medium to tell stories and share ideas, beliefs, and culture. And Southeast Asia has many interesting stories and wonderful films to share with the world.

Organised by the Hong Kong – ASEAN Foundation (“HKAF”), the ASEAN FILM FESTIVAL (“AFF”) is a non-profit initiative to promote a deeper understanding and appreciation of culture through the art of storytelling through films.

AFF aims to be a premier event anchored in Hong Kong SAR to showcase a curated selection of films of various genres by some of Southeast Asia’s most eminent filmmakers.

The essence of the ASEAN FILM FESTIVAL is thoughtfully captured by its logo.

ASEAN connection: The curvy lines represent a bundle of stalks, the idea originating from ASEAN official emblem symbolizing the dream of ASEAN’s founding fathers for a region bounded together in friendship and solidarity.

ASEAN FILM vision: The curvy lines of padi stalks wound around to form a circular shape resembling an eye to illustrate seeing or watching, alluding to the sheer enjoyment of films by people of all walks.

ASEAN FILM FESTIVAL celebration: The bright multi-colours convey a sense of pure joy and happiness, just like a child savoring a lollipop at the movies.

The vision of AFF is encapsulated in the words of Mr. Daryl Ng, Chairman of HKAF.

"As a platform to foster cross-cultural ties and exchanges, the ASEAN FILM FESTIVAL hopes to connect filmmakers and stakeholders from Hong Kong SAR and Greater Bay Area with ASEAN region for  collaboration and co-creation  of shared content."






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